Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Favorite Author

 A couple of years ago my mom gave me the book Kissing Adrian for Valentine's Day. I had never heard of the author, Siri L. Mitchell, but the summary on the back didn't sound too bad and I trusted the publisher (Harvest House). I ended up reading the book in a couple of days. I would have finished it the night I started it, but this annoying thing called a job got in the way. It ended up being a great book to read around Valentine's Day. I laughed, I cried, I comiserated, I laughed some more. The downside? The book ended and I wanted my own Adrian to kiss. I shared the book with my friend Jen, and then passed it along to some youth group girls--where I think the book is still making the rounds.

Fast forward a couple of years to last week. My friend Jen and I were taking a trip to the library, and I saw Kissing Adrian in her stack of books to return. She told me she's checked it out from the library several times since she first borrowed it from me. She then went on to tell me about other books she's read by Siri Mitchell. I felt like such a dunce. Why did it never occur to me to see if the woman had written other books? I made sure I stopped by the M section of adult fiction at the library before leaving. My library only had two books authored by Siri, so I grabbed the longest one. (I would have taken both of them, but my arms were already full of audiobooks. I didn't want to look greedy.) As a side note, I went to Library Awesome with Jen later this week and found they have all the rest of Siri's books. I can't wait to make another trip to the library on Monday!

Last night I finished Chateau of Echoes. It was...amazing. Siri wove together the stories of a 15th century child bride and a 21st century widow set in Brittany, France. It's a magnificient story of finding oneself. The characters are complex and realistic. The book is amazing, and Siri Mitchell is officially my new favorite author!

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