Monday, June 8, 2009

Today's Holiday: Best Friends Day

June 8th is always set aside as a day to honor and celebrate best friends. The term "best friend" should be reserved for the best of your friends. Someone who understands your fears, listens to you vent, loves you unconditionally. Someone who encourages you to pursue your dreams. Someone who is a better friend than all the rest. 

You may have one best friend, or if you are especially blessed, you may have a small number of best friends. No matter the number, take time today to celebrate your best friend. YOu could take them out for their favorite ice cream, create a scrapbook of your favorite moments together, or try to reconnect with a best friend with whom you've lost contact.

This is Diana, or Didi, as I like to call her. We met when I was a freshman and she was in 7th grade. We've been friends for at least 12 years. (Man, I feel old.) I don't know at what point she became my best friend, but I'm glad God put her in my life. She understands me better than I understand myself. (That may be due to her expertise in the field of psychology.) The first picture is the two of us circa 1998. I've always been the more boisterous one. The next two pictures are of the two of us when we had studio pictures taken for her birthday in 2001. It may have been a corny idea, but we had a blast! And here's the most recent picture of the two of us. It's from Spring Break when I was visiting her in Kentucky.

Have fun celebrating your best friend today!!

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  1. awww! Sorry I didn't see this sooner... a fun-filled weekend of stress and craziness that we all like to call "Ichthus" happened this weekend. I'm sorry I missed Best Friends Day. I may have to make it up to you.

    Hey...2nd weekend in July... we're coming up (or at least tentatively planning to).

    Thanks for being my best friend! :)