Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Student Spotlight: Magalie

Magalie is very energetic young lady. She's an only child by both her mother and her father, which I find rare in Haiti. She's from Gramothe, and I think she's been in the school since it opened. Magalie is very short, but very fiesty. She always has a ready comeback for her classmates, and she can even spar with them in English! In addition to being witty, she's also compassionate. She often comes to me on the behalf of another student. Sometimes she translates their request for a pencil or pen, other times she tells me of a much bigger need. But she's always looking out for others.

Magalie is a multi-talented young lady. She can play the recorder quite well, and she taught herself with the aid of a little book she found. She's currently working with Johane to make paper bead jewelry (she came up with a bracelet design I'm still trying to wrap my brain around). And she also participated in the art class during Easter week--she had some pretty impressive art work!

Most excitingly, Magalie decided to give her life to Christ this year. She's been one of the few consistent students in Arold's new believers Sunday school class, and she's also been attending Willem's discipleship class on Monday afternoons.

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