Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life Straws

Last week a group of four (that originated in Florida) came to Mountain Top Ministries to distribute Life Straws. A high school chemistry teacher started a Peace Jam club at her high school this year and the students raised nearly $12,000 to purchase individual Life Straws. Their goal was to distribute the individual water purification straws to people in Haiti who do not have access to clean water.

On Wednesday the group went to each high school class to give a lesson on how to use the life straws. Then they gave one to every student. On Thursday the group presented the Life Straws to the elementary students and then hiked to the waterfall to view the water source for Gramothe. Life Straws were given out in the village of Gramothe, as well as the clinic on Friday and Saturday.

The remaining Life Straws will be taken to Dumay next weekend and given out there.

For now here are a couple of pictures from the Gramothe distribution. Another post will follow with more pictures of the Life Straws in action.

Third graders receiving Life Straws (my husband is the handsome one in yellow)

Some 8th grade students were pretty excited about their Life Straws!

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