Saturday, June 30, 2012

Six Months In

Six months ago I became a married woman. It was a pretty exciting day.

In the six months I've been married, I've learned quite a bit about myself. Here are some of the big lessons I've learned:

1. I don't really like cooking. I especially don't like cooking every single day. I'd be content to eat grilled cheese every night for dinner. That husband of mine really likes to eat, though.

2. I need my own space to sleep. I like to cuddle, but when it's time to sleep I don't want anyone touching me.

3. There are certain things I don't like sharing. If chocolate or the computer are involved, I prefer to keep them to myself.

4. I don't like anyone talking to me when I'm crying. When I'm throwing myself a pity party, I don't want my husband to interrupt it with his encouraging words or probing questions. I just want him to hold me and let me cry. Thankfully he's learned this lesson too and doesn't try to figure out what's wrong with me while the waterworks are on full blast. Now he just waits until I've finished crying to ask what that was all about. (He's a smart man.)

5. I have excellent taste in men. My husband is patient and gentle. He makes me laugh every day. He cooks, he cleans, he pampers me. He is nothing short of ah-may-zing.

Happy six months of marriage, chouchou! You are a great husband and I am so thankful you are mine. We'll have to celebrate the 6th month mark when I get back to Haiti.


  1. I remember your virtual gag over me calling Michael sweet in a picture I posted from our honeymoon. I'm returning the favor. ;-)

    I'm happy for you that you and Arold found each other.

  2. Thanks for keeping me in check, M. I appreciate it. :)