Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Student Spotlight: Max

Max was new to the Gramothe school this year. He's a tall, lanky, quiet 8th grade student. His aunt is the librarian in Gramothe, and she asked me to put him in my computer class. I told her I was happy to do that as long as he was good in English class. It turns out Max has zero problems in that department. He's a great student! He's respectful, and he makes me laugh too.

Max is pretty tech savvy compared to the majority of my other students, and he often helps whoever is sitting next to him. He easily became friends with Rosias and Monley (Mouse and Porcupine for those of you who have been here) at the beginning of the year, and I've noticed a big improvement in his English skills even since January. I've been very impressed with this young man this year, and I hope that he continues to impress me!

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