Friday, May 25, 2012

School Wide Party

The Philo class (grade 13) has been hosting events throughout the school year to help raise money for their graduation festivities. Since last Friday was Flag Day in Haiti (a pretty big deal) and there wouldn't be any school, the Philo students hosted a school wide party on the 17th. Each student was asked to pay $10 (Haitian of course) to help fund the party and the rest is set aside for graduation. So last Thursday was a no uniform day. There were no classes. Philo provided a bottle of pop at lunch for each student. (Click on the pictures to see them in full screen view.)

The students set up a sound system outside and everyone gathered around.

 The DJs did a good job of keeping the scheduled events moving--my favorite is Jean Eddy in the sheriff's shirt.

 There was a rap battle/show at one point. There were several groups that danced. And the little kids had a sing along session at the beginning of the day. Here some of the students are dancing. (This picture was taken from the cafeteria.)

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