Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Student Spotlight: Jean Ricard

This is from Sept 2010, but it shows his personality
Jean Ricard is the 10th grade class president this year. He is a natural leader and holds the respect of his classmates. It's interesting to watch how the class dynamics change when he's in the room. The students are more on task and better behaved when he's around. In English class he often spends his time helping the other students because he already understands what we are doing. His English is very good.

Jean Ricard is a new addition to the computer class this year. He is a quick learner and remembers nearly everything he sees on the computer the first time someone teaches him somthing new. For example, a couple of weeks ago we learned how to make columns in a text document. While most of the class needs to be reminded every time they want to make columns, Jean Ricard has never needed a refresher lesson.

Jean Ricard is also a self proclaimed artist. He writes a lot of poetry and even writes songs. For the school wide quiz bowl competition he was chosen to find a theme song. Instead he wrote one! He's constantly asking to type and print his poems in the computer lab... so much so that I've had to limit him to one poem every couple of weeks.

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