Sunday, April 29, 2012


The Oregon/New Orleans team leaves in the morning. They have been faithfully working in the clinic this week, even though they haven't had many patients. We've had some very unusual weather; it has rained off and on all stinking day for most of the week. The sun came out to tease us yesterday morning, but the clouds rolled in about an hour after the clinic opened.

Anyway, this post is not about the cold and rainy weather we've been having, but about my friends. There were several familiar faces on this team, and it was so good to fellowship with and serve alongside them. One friend is veteran mom who gave me lots of advice about parenting ,and she also loaded me up with a bunch of baby clothes. I really enjoyed my talks with her, and hope I didn't monopolize her time! The other friend is just a couple years younger than me and totally sold out to God. She is crafty and funny, and most importantly she speaks truth into people's lives. She helps in her church's youth ministry and loves playing with the babies who come through the clinic, so you know we have a common bond.

I generally have mixed feelings about teams. They throw off my routines and schedule, and by the end of their time here I am tired--they just wear me out (in a good way, though). But I'm really sad to see this team go. It feels like they just got here a couple of days ago. Thankfully we have Facebook to stay in touch, and the team from Oregon will be back in November.

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