Thursday, October 14, 2010

Top 10 Reasons I Can't Wait Until the Trailer Arrives

10. old school printer paper I sent can be used to make posters and banners

 9. I will be able to snack on Jello of all flavors for several months
 8. Markers of all sizes will be mine, mine, mine!
 7. Beth will have an airsoft gun to shoot rats with
 6. The electric drum set for the church will be here
 5. My $8 toaster oven from Goodwill will be used at least 3 times a week
 4. The kids from Laboule will finally have their English books
 3. All my “special” writing utensils and office supplies will be available to me
 2. The four wheelers will all have new tires (right now there are several without tread)
 1. I’ll finally have two whole boxes of Puffs Ultra tissues, all the Kotex feminine products I need, and my dearly missed pillow!

The trailer is supposed to be boarding a boat that is leaving for Haiti on October 15th. Please join me in praying that the trailer makes it on that boat. All joking aside, there are vital supplies for the ministry here inside that trailer. It makes our ministry easier and its impact further reaching if we have those supplies.­­

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  1. That made me laugh! Here's praying your tampons arrive safely!!