Monday, October 11, 2010

First Class

Today I taught my first class at the Gramothe High School. I had nine grade 11 students. The principal introduced me, and then I began. I really wanted to see the books the students were using in their regular class, but they don't have them yet. Arold, my Creole tutor and translator at school, asked them about books and he thought they would have them next week. I started by introducing myself and asking the students to write their name, age, favorite color, and two sentences on a note card. It was clear during this activity that only half of the students really understood what I wanted. Since these are the upper level students, I was hoping their English would be stronger. After the note card activity I took pictures of the students so I can begin to learn their names. I wish I had made them each repeat their names a couple of times for me because I can only guess at the pronunciation. After learning that I wouldn't be able to look at their textbook for direction, I decided to work on contractions with the students. That proved to be a good topic. They copied down my (scattered) notes from the board and I made them write two new sentences. Then I made them read their sentences. They did not like that, but they suffered through it.

It feels good to be teaching again!

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