Thursday, October 7, 2010


On Monday I expressed my frustration with the high school principal because he hadn’t finished the master schedule prior to the start of school. On Tuesday I learned that the task is much more complex than I thought. It turns out that some (maybe all) of the teachers work at multiple schools. Therefore the principal needs to coordinate their availability with the needs of the school. Some teachers may only be available on certain days of the week or for certain hours on particular days. That, along with the fact that he speaks some basic English, makes me feel much better about the principal.

I also learned that on the second day of school there were about 20 elementary students who showed up for classes and 12 high school students. I was delighted to hear the students were in classes on the second day of school. It caused my fear of a wasted week of school to disintegrate. By today they had even split the middle school and high school students into groups. Even with a handful more students, school has been getting out early this week. Today the students and teachers left around noon.

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