Monday, October 11, 2010

Laboule Kids Update

At the end of the school day, Marise was standing at my classroom window. She's one of the more outspoken girls at Laboule, and she is stinking cute. I told the Laboule kids that I would have a lesson with them after school today. We walked up to the cafeteria and found a table to work at. I didn't teach anything new. We just reviewed what they had learned earlier. There were a handful of extra faces in the crowd who generally walk down the mountain with the Laboule kids. It was very loud and boisterous. I tried to end the lesson because of the lack of focus, but the ones who were paying attention wouldn't let me! Eventually I declared it was time to go. We all took off down the mountain. They fought to hold my hands and talked very loudly. They asked me lots of questions and I tried to answer them. I even took a picture of my entourage, but I have to wait until later to upload the photo.

Thankfully Rosias and Modley (I can't figure out this kid's name. It sounds like Modley when others say it. I'll have to ask him.), my two favorite students, were with us. They helped translate when I had no idea what was going on. They also walked with me when I didn't take the "shortcut" with the Laboule kids. Bless their little hearts! I know I slowed them down considerably (I only had to stop and rest twice, but I was as slow as molasses by the end). Still they seemed to enjoy walking with me. They are also looking forward to seeing me tomorrow. :) I am so thankful God has given me teenagers to invest in!

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  1. His name is Monley, but the Charles boys don't say his name right. That's why I was so confused. He said I could keep calling him Modley, but I said I would call him by his real name. :)