Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today's Holiday: A New Blog Series

It appears as if my single purchase from Oriental Trading has landed me on their Most Valued Customer list. This showed up in my mailbox today.

It seems cheesy, but it really is a fantastic gift. I can save money when I purchase items I don't need, implement lesson plans I didn't have to create, and be inspired by the quotes they've included in the monthly calendar. The best part of the calendar, though, is seeing all the "fun holidays and events to share with the class" for each month. For example this week, I missed several spectacular holidays because I didn't know they existed! If I had only known, I would have celebrated them.

April 12- Look Up At The Sky Day
April 15-Rubber Eraser Day (and you thought it was tax day!)
April 16-National Stress Awareness Day

I just don't feel right about keeping this gift to myself, so I have decided to create a new blog series. I'll be sure to write a post about the fun holidays in my new calendar, so that you too can join in the celebration.

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