Monday, April 20, 2009

Choices, Choices, Choices

Last week I read about Sarah's experience with buying glasses online. My mom and brother have both had success buying glasses online (not from this site though), and I've considered trying it. The part of Sarah's story that hooked me was the cost. She said she could buy an entire pair of glasses for $8. Yes, you read that correctly. Eight bucks includes the frame and lenses. THAT'S INCREDIBLE!!!! It just so happens that I had an eye doctor appointment today. My prescription hasn't changed, so the plan is to buy a second pair of glasses. Depending on the kind of frames I choose, they could be the "dressy" or more professional pair. Or they could be the "I'm starting a new fashion trend" pair. I haven't decided yet; maybe you can help me out.

So here are the options that made it into the final round. Please leave me a comment about which pair you think I should purchase. And please, check out the website for yourself:

multi color
brown stripe
funky block--These are probably my favorites right now. I would consider getting them in black/white, brown/clearyellow, or this orange pair.
half-rim--These are also available in blue/white or red/white
sporty--There are so many colors for this design. I really like the green, but I could probably also go for the blue or brown pairs as well.
purple plai--same frame as the mulitcolor ones, but a different color scheme


  1. Fun! I like all of them, maybe the brown stripe and funky block ones the best. Glad you were able to check the site out - hope you get some nice glasses! Be sure to post pictures when you get them :-)

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