Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Keepin' it real

Numero Uno: Yesterday I discovered a bunny in my yard. When Dax finally chased her off, I found that she was sitting on a hole with 6+ newborn bunnies in it. Not thinking Dax would be interested in a bunny snack, I let him out in the yard after school today. My neighbor stopped by to tell me she thinks my dog "got into some bunnies" while he was out this afternoon, so I went to check things out. I could only find two of the babies. Neither of them were in their hole. They both had been moved. One had a scratch on his left shoulder area, but the other was fine. I scooped them up in a bowl and deposited them in the brush on the other side of the alley. I don't think they are going to make it. Their eyes aren't open yet and they don't really have any fur. I put some of the fur from their hole on top of them in hopes that it would keep them warm and help the mom find them again.

Numero Dos: My blogging friend Sarah posted a super cute picture of herself and her daughter today as part of a photo game. I don't normally like tagging games online, but I was thinking it would be a fun one to get in on. Then I saw Sarah tagged me! It made my day. :)

I have mixed emotions about this picture. I'm wearing my oldest and favorite sweatshirt because I needed the warmth and comfort today. School's been rough lately. I also like the lighting, even though it does make the walls look like they are lemon yellow instead of a pale yellow.

The rules: Take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW. No primping or preparing. Snap a picture, load it onto your blog, and tag some friends to play!

I will tag: Kristin H., Kristin G. @ The_GreyK_Wall, Nate @, Nate's wife Ema, and my good friend Christy @ The New Mrs. Rue.

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