Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tout Bagay Anfom

Arold's visa interview was on Valentine's Day. We got to the Embassy quite early, but there was still a really, really large group of people waiting to get in before 7am. Seriously, it was twice the number of people we've ever seen at the Embassy before! I was a little nervous about getting in there in a decent amount of time, but having a baby is like a free pass to the front of the line in Haiti. We didn't have to wait in line and were some of the first people inside. Awesome!

The interview was scheduled for 7am, but we knew from experience that we would initially only be called to the window to give them our papers and then have to wait a while for the actual interview. I thought we would have to go into the little room for our interview, but when the time came we just stepped up to the window. Our interviewer was really nice. She asked some very basic questions (where did you meet, do you have kids, what kind of a job does your wife have, where did you get married). They were so easy we thought it was a trick! Then she said,

"Tout bagay anfom. Congratulations! 
Your visa will be ready in about a week."

We are so happy that the next time we travel it will be as a family. Praise the Lord! Thank you, Jesus!

*the title "Tout Bagay Anfom" is a Creole saying that means "It's all good."

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