Monday, February 25, 2013

5 whole months

Can you believe my little boy turned 5 months old on Sunday? I can't. It seems impossible that he's has been out of the womb for 5 whole months. (Maybe because I only get about half the amount of sleep I got before he arrived... )

Anyway, the little turkey is about 18.5 pounds now. He is not interested in rolling either direction, but I think he could do it if he got motivated. He's been doing a lot of crunches lately because he loves sitting up. He can sit up on his own (though it only lasts for a very short time) and stands pretty well, with assistance of course. He figured out the Johnny Jump Up last week and has started reaching for us when he wants us to hold him.

He is working on getting his first tooth, so he's drooling and gnawing on things like crazy. He has become quite adept at getting his toys in his mouth and can even get his pacifier in his mouth sometimes! He is quite the little chatterbox. Several times in the last week he's woken up around 5 to eat and then stayed awake to talk to us. He's so loud in the evenings that we can't watch TV shows when he's all wound up.

We love Isaac more than we can say.

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