Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Christmas in Haiti

This fall while I was still in the States, I would burst into tears every single time I thought about Christmas. I just couldn't fathom being away from my family on Christmas day. There are only two times I can remember anyone missing Myers family Christmas. Once when my dad went the ER on Christmas morning for chest pains and the other was when my cousin Nichole gave birth to Danicha on Christmas Eve. (Twelve years ago. How is it possible Danicha is that old?!) There's no alternating which side of the family you spend Christmas with. Everyone is there every year. Until this year when I was in Haiti.

screen shot of Smith grandparents
As much as I cried about what Christmas was not going to be this year, I really enjoyed Christmas day. I called my parents when I woke up, attended church (which was pretty awesome), and then Skyped with both the Myers family and my Smith grandparents in Missouri. Arold was even there for the second round of Skyping and got to witness his first Myers Family White Elephant. And he wasn't scarred by what he saw! (Let's just say the Myers family plays a dirty kind of White Elephant, and keep it at that.) It was awesome to be with Arold and my family all at the same time. Though, I still hope someday he can experience Myers family Christmas in person.

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