Monday, November 26, 2012

Prayers for the Week

Here's what we're praying about this week, and and an update from last week.

  • Tania, the high school student who passed out at school, is doing better. She spent a few days at home after her visit to the hospital, but is now back at school. Please keep praying for her health.
  • Jeff Smith, the student in grade 9--not my uncle in Indiana, preached a powerful message during church yesterday. Praise God for students who are willing to share the word of God with others!
  • Pray for God's favor to rest on Arold's visa application as it passes through the hands of the Embassy employees. 
  • I'm teaching several students how to crochet in the hope that they'll be able to earn a little money for their families by selling crocheted items. Please pray that I will be able to teach them effectively and that there will be a market for their crocheted items. Our next class is Dec. 1st.
  • Rosias's aunt is looking for work. Pray that God will provide a job for her soon. She's been out of work since her former employer died about a month ago. 

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