Friday, November 9, 2012

Golden Nuggets: Curing Baby Hiccups

If you have kids, you know how freely other people give advice about raising them. Apparently everyone has strong feelings on how babies should be be taken care of. This unwarranted advice can be helpful, but most new parents find it irritating. This phenomena of giving new (and not so new) parents advice about how to raise their kids seems to transcend cultures. At least, I've found it happens in Haiti as well as the U.S.

I've found that raising my son in another country means that I not only get advice from friends and strangers alike, but I also get very... interesting advice. I've heard all of the following:

  • babies younger than 1 month old cannot be held in an upright position because they are too young to sit
  • babies need to wear a hat to keep their head warm (remember 70* is a LOW temp here)
  • babies cannot suck on their hands/fingers or they will be "distracted" later in life (my husband's family seems to think Isaac will have a lower IQ if he sucks on his hands, which he does a lot)
  • if a baby cries, he's hungry--just feed him
But my favorite advice so far as been about curing baby hiccups. So without further ado...

The Haitian Way to Cure Baby Hiccups
  1. Take a thread from the mother or father's clothing. If the parents are away, the caregiver's clothing will do.
  2. Lick the string.
  3. Place the string on the baby's forehead between his eyes.
  4. Leave the string there for as long as it takes.
Let me know how you fare in getting rid of baby hiccups with this method.

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  1. i LOVE all these 'words of wisdom'. it definitely provides comic relief in a sometimes stressful change to motherhood :) miss you!!