Monday, November 19, 2012

Prayerful Monday

Update from last week and prayers for this week:

  • The student who needed stitches last Monday is doing well. He busted his forehead open on the playground, so he got stitches and a tetanus shot. Arold said the bandages have been changed (probably at a clinic or the hospital) and he is doing just fine. Praise God!
Church closed with Ricky-J singing a closing song with
the 78 new believers behind him
  • Praise God for the 78 people (mostly students) who made decisions to follow Christ at church yesterday. 
  • One of our high school students had an episode at school earlier this month. It's not clear whether she passed out or had a seizure, but her parents came to get her from school and took her to the hospital. Reports are that she's at home now, but she hasn't returned to school yet. Please pray for her healing.
  • We finally heard from the Embassy that the initial paperwork for Arold's visa was approved. Praise the Lord!!
  • The end of the semester is about a month away. Pray for the students and teachers as they wrap up this semester.
  • The youth choir that Arold is leading had their first performance last week. They are excited to sign praises to God and are planning a Christmas performance/party.

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