Monday, September 3, 2012

Special Prayer Request

We got word that Micka's sister Marie Carme, a lady in the village of Gramothe, gave birth to twin boys this morning. She didn't know she was having twins; she just knew her stomach was huge. She was due in late October, so the babies were quite early. One died at home shortly after birth, and the other wasn't doing well. The family called Willem and he took them to a hospital in the city early this morning. Arold and I just called Micka for an update. She said the baby is doing a little better, but the hospital won't let anyone stay with him--not even Marie Carme. She can bring some milk for him tomorrow and see him, but she can't stay.

Please pray for this precious little one fighting for his life, Marie Carme, and the entire family. 

UPDATE 9/4: The baby is at the Medishare hospital. He looks just like his sister Rebecca and weighs 4 lbs. Mom is supposed to stay home and take care of herself, but should send milk every day. The American nurse that Willem talked to said the baby looked great and she was hopeful he would make it. Please keep praying!!

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