Monday, September 10, 2012

Prayerful Monday

Here's what we're praying about this week:

  • Marie Carme's baby died this weekend. Please pray for this family.
  • School should start today. Should because there was a flurry of phone calls prior to 6 am this morning about whether or not school was actually going to start today. Arold had a family thing for some cousins yesterday, so we were not in Gramothe for church and missed any announcement that may or may not have been made. School will not start in October in accordance with the Ministry of Education's edict. Please pray for the students--especially those who were looking forward to a consistent daily meal when school started.
  • Praise God that all my paperwork has FINALLY been completed for the permis de sejour. We only had to go to the Immigration office four times last week to get it all submitted. Now we wait for them to prepare it. I can go back at the end of October to pick it up. (It's the end of the fiscal year, so they need two months to fill out a piece of paper that staples to my passport.)
  • The first medical team of the year is arriving today. Praise God for the services they will provide to the many patients that will come this week!

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