Saturday, September 22, 2012

Craft Day

Wednesday turned into craft day at our house. I invited Rosias over to help me test a crochet project because I want to have a class sometime next month. My hands hurt too much right now to try to crochet, so I needed someone to do it for me. Anyway, I taught him a couple different stitches and let him practice with yarn for a little bit while I worked on lunch. Then I gave him some fabric strips (1.5" wide) and had him start a semi-circle rug. Once he mastered changing colors and counting rows, I packed up the rest of the supplies he would need and sent him home before it started raining.

While Rosias was crocheting, my husband worked on his very first banana leaf card. I showed Rosias some as an example and my husband decided he could make them. He left the house with some scissors and came back with a big chunk of banana leaf "bark". I think he would benefit from having a razor blade, but his first card turned out alright, don't you think?

And then there's poor pitiful me. All fine motor movements (typing, writing, drawing, crocheting, etc) make my fingers go numb because of this pregnancy induced carpel tunnel. So I just cut up plastic bags to make plarn for later use. I'm planning to crochet some baskets when I can feel my hands again, so I figured I could work on preparing my supplies while the guys worked on their projects. It was a fun day!

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