Thursday, November 4, 2010

More funny school conversations

Remember the student who wants my phone number so he can listen to me talk? Well, last week he was preparing to sing a song in church. He wanted to sing part of it in English, so he asked me for help on the words to the song "He Touched Me." I think it was originally sung by Elvis, but I don't really know the song. I had to look it up online. Anyway, he sang the song at the close of service on Sunday and it was fantastic.

Wednesday was the first day back to school after our November 1-2 holiday. As we were walking home after our computer class, the boys were talking about the song Wesley sang during church. They were congratulating him on singing so well, and also teasing him a little about the way he was standing during the song. I wasn’t involved in the beginning of the conversation because someone had asked me a different question. The first thing I heard one of them say about the topic was, “He touched me.” But it was implied that Wesley touched the speaker. Now, I know they were talking about the song, but I couldn’t just let them say that without telling them what Americans would understand that to mean!

I explained that when they are in church and they say, “He touched me,” most people will understand that you are talking about God. But when you are on the street and you say, “He touched me,” people will think you are talking about a person touching you… in a bad place. So don’t say, “Wesley touched me” if you mean his song made your heart happy because people will think Wesley is touching you in bad places. My explanation was followed by an uproar of laughter and many shouts of “Yes. Yes, I understand!” They thought it was so funny that they continued to talk about Wesley “touching” them. They wanted to nickname him “Mr. Touch Me,” but I finally convinced them that was not a good idea.

Later on in our walk, one of the boys called Shnider a girl. Everyone thought this was hilarious as well. Basically his response was “okay whatever,” so A. said something really fast in Creole. Then they really started laughing.  Rosias shouted, “Say that in English!!” I was nervous about what I was going to hear, but basically what A. said was that Shnider should deny being a girl and prove his manhood by showing everyone his… Well, I'm sure you can figure it out.

I suppose it doesn’t matter what language they speak, boys will always be boys!

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