Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Adult English Classes

My job here is to teach English, but I never imagined I would be teaching so many classes! I have six regular high school classes, one special high school class that meets after school, and a class with the kids from Laboule.

A few weeks ago Johane asked me if I would be interested in practicing English with a couple ladies from our neighborhood. I met them and since they speak better English than most of my students, I agreed to work with them three times a week. I really wanted to have class just once a week, but I don’t have anything else to do so how could I say no?

The first class was quite intimidating. When I arrived home from school there were double the amount of people sitting under the tree than there are normally. I was nervous I they were all coming to my class, but it turned out most of the guys stayed outside. However, there were still 7 or 8 people who trickled into my apartment to learn English! Fairly quickly we learned that about half of them need a beginner’s course in English, so I said I would teach a class for them on Mondays. Since that was one of the days I was going to teach the more advanced class, my initial students made me promise to practice with them another night.

I was really nervous about the initial beginner’s class, but it turns out only Windy and Taina are serious about learning English. Thankfully, I’m back to having just one neighborhood class! Our class was canceled for most of last week because of the team being here and my unpredictable return from the guest house each night. Then yesterday I looked for them a couple of times around our designated meeting time, but they weren’t out by the tree. That was fine with me because I really needed a nap after my Creole lesson, but I wondered if they still wanted to have class.

Tonight, however, Windy and Erika came to class. Taina’s husband is here visiting from the United States, so she came a little later. She ended up bringing her husband, and it was nice to meet him. I’m still curious as to why he lives and works in the States and she lives here, but I didn’t really feel like tonight was an appropriate time to ask.

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