Thursday, September 9, 2010


This message from a family at my church is just one of the awesome ways God has shown me how much I am loved and cared for by my ministry partners. Such sweetness from these precious little ones caused me to cry tears of thankfulness.

Today is your big day! We looked on the map at how far you'll travel today and tomorrow. Then the kids and I talked about what you might be feeling today and prayed for you. Here is a message from each of the kids:
T (9)- "I hope that you get there quick and safely. I hope you have a good time there."
E (7)- "I prayed that you would teach good and that the kids would learn how to do what you teach. I hope you have a good time." E also prayed that you would remember that God is always with you.
L (5)- "I prayed that God would make you not be scared. I can send you some food if you get hungry." L loves that her VBS teacher is a missionary!
A (4)- She remembered that I was scared and sad before I went to Ukraine. She thought you may be feeling the same way and prayed that God would help you not be scared or sad. She also remembered that you had a friend helping at your garage sale and thought you might miss her while you were gone. She prayed that you and your friend wouldn't be lonely. It was very sweet and sincere!

Take care, Britney! We're thinking of you and praying for your traveling days!

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