Saturday, August 21, 2010


This week Beth Charles (missionary I'm working with) e-mailed me to explain that where I'll be living in Haiti has changed. This has changed my budget because it's cheaper for me to live in the new place than the house we originally planned on. Woohoo! And another e-mail this week came from Fremont United Methodist Church saying they are going to partner with me financially. Soooo, I revamped the budget and also plugged in the recent financial donations.

With my new budget and the additional financial support, I am at 71.6% of my funding. God is UH MAY ZING!!! The Charles family has given me the green light to buy my plane ticket to Haiti, and they write that they are eagerly awaiting my arrival. The only thing holding me back is not having renters lined up for my house. Please join me in praying for the Lord to provide renters. I'm confident he will provide all that I need to leave for Haiti soon. I'll definitely keep you posted.

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  1. I am so incredibly excited for you!! Such an amazing blessing! Cannot wait!!!