Saturday, April 24, 2010


But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, 'You are my God.' My times are in your hands...
Psalm 31:14, 15

My school district is eliminating almost 40 teaching positions. I am not losing my job. But my position certainly won't look the same next year. Thursday was supposed to be the day my department discussed "placement opportunities" for next year. However, that meeting was postponed due to some unknown factors. It's impossible for my brain not to make up scenarios. I wonder if I'll be moving to the high school next year, if I could be teaching 7th grade, if I would be able to teach at risk students at the high school, if I'll have to work with a certain other English teacher in my building, if I will still be teaching Read 180, and if I might just have the same exact job I do now.

On top of all the drama at school, I've been considering becoming a missionary and moving overseas. Maybe "considering" isn't the right word to use. A more accurate term might be "tentatively planning." The Haitians captured my heart, and there is a need for someone to teach English at the Haitian school and to the 12 orphans living in the children's home. I don't know that God has said, "Britney, move to Haiti." but he also hasn't said, "Britney stop pursuing this."

So during this time of waiting, I just keep repeating my new mantra, "My times are in Your hands."


  1. wow, britney! how exciting to be 'tentatively planning' to go to Haiti for a while! i will pray God gives you a clear answer.

  2. Thanks, Nat. I wanted to tell you guys at small group before making it public, but I guess I just blew that. Oops.

    I certainly appreciate the prayers. I'm meeting with the outreach director at my church sometime this week. I'm hoping after talking to him I'll have some more definite plans. :)

  3. well i'll definitely be anxious to hear how the meeting goes. it's just so exciting!