Saturday, April 3, 2010

Leaving on Jet Plane

Travel Itinerary & My Fabulous Commentary
Friday 4/2
3:30pm Leave for O'Hare Airport--encountered stopped traffic for about 30 min on the toll road due to construction
8:00pm Flight leaves for Ft. Lauderdale--mostly I slept
11:08pm Arrive at Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport--found a cozy little corner and attempted to catch some ZZZZs
3am Small child screeches every 2-3 minutes for pure joy
3:30am Eavesdrop on an angry Jamaican woman telling her boyfriend what she really thinks of him; incidentally I made a note to save important conversations with a significant other for a private place and a decent hour
4am Arise and prepare for the day
5am Coax Beth to forsake her vanity and check her bag
5:30am Survived security
6:00am Discover free WiFi and party like it's 1999! (or prop feet up and blog)

So, so, so excited to be on my way to Haiti!

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