Saturday, April 3, 2010


We have safely arrived in Haiti. I believe Haiti has the quickest Immigration and Customs procedures of any country I've ever visited. However, baggage claim was a whole different story. Here are some pictures of the uncontrolled chaos called Port-au-Prince Baggage Claim.

Beth M. is the girl all the way on the left looking for her luggage in the sea of people. She's wearing pink and brown.

We met Beth Charles, the missionary we are staying with, just outside the airport door and booked it to her vehicle trying to avoid the masses of men trying to carry our bags to earn a tip. We immediately saw some very colorful taptaps like this one.

As we drove from the airport to the house we saw many buildings like this one. There were many buildings that were completely collapsed, but just a few blocks away there seemed to be no damage whatsoever.

There were also many tent cities, but I didn't get a picture. It was just too sad. We did see people selling lots of things along the streets. This particular place had an unusually large concentration of coolers, luggage, and lawn chairs.

I'll post more pictures of the guest house when the internet is cooperating a little better.

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