Monday, May 6, 2013

Time flies when you're having fun!

My baby is growing up. These pictures were taken when he turned 7 months old, but he's now at the 7.5 month mark and will be 8 months soon. Time needs to slow down!

Isaac has hit all of his milestones right on track. He has 4 teeth--as of Sunday. He is trying really hard to crawl. He can pull himself into a standing position, which is scary for mom and dad. His favorite food is still bananas, and the only thing he really doesn't like so far is green beans. He can drink out of his sippy cup unassisted. 

 He continues to be very social and doesn't show any signs of stranger anxiety. At church yesterday he wanted to go to nearly everyone who smiled at him--which is a lot of people! He absolutely adores his nanny, and his face lights up when he sees her. He likes to babble and tell us stories, and he even sings when we turn on music. 

He does a good job of playing on his own for short intervals, which allows us to get some housework done. His favorite toy is the laptop. He especially likes when Grandma and Grandpa are on Skype because he gets to touch the keyboard sometimes! Other favorite toys include an apple, a giraffe rattle Miss Amanda brought to him, and anything he's not supposed to touch (like cords). 

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