Thursday, May 30, 2013


Goodbyes are hard for me.

Beth left Haiti this morning. I called to say goodbye and safe travels last night and ended up bawling. Not really what I had planned.

Tomorrow are my last classes with my students in Gramothe. I'm looking forward to the time with them, but not the goodbyes.

The elementary school had their last chapel yesterday. At the end the principal surprised Arold by saying some really nice things about him. They've worked together for 7 years and have formed a great friendship. Patrick got a little choked up at the end and just walked out. The kids started crying and yelling "amwey!" which is like saying woe is me. There was so much commotion some parents came down from the village to see what was going on. Arold thought it was all over the top;  I think he'd just like to slip away and not tell them he's leaving. But I thought it was a great way (minus the commotion) to send him off.

Tomorrow is my last day of classes in Gramothe. I will miss my students more than words can say. I know there will be other students later this year, but my Haitian students hold a special place in my heart.

Last church service in Gramothe is Sunday, as long as the riverbed holds out and I feel comfortable taking Isaac up.

Then it's last minute packing and flying out on Tuesday morning.

I don't want to think about that, so it's back to packing and prioritizing.

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