Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rainy Sunday Morning

After a pretty lousy night of sleep for me (I just couldn't get comfortable and had to pee multiple times), we woke up to the sounds of rain. Arold's dad had mentioned a siklon (pronounced seek-lone, any guess on what it means?) yesterday, but we forgot to check the weather before going to bed. When I got out of bed this morning I noticed it was very dark and overcast, so I turned the computer on to see if we were going to get hit by a siklon. Sure enough there is a tropical storm in our area of the Caribbean. No worries though; both the Weather Channel and National Hurricane Center predict it will miss us and head toward Mexico.

Since my body was aching from a rough night of sleep and it was quite wet outside, I decided to skip out on church to stay home and rest. My husband texted me from Gramothe and said there were only 32 people at church today. Turns out I'm not the only one who stayed home this morning, so I no longer feel guilty about not going to church in the rain.

My handy-dandy thermometer (possibly one of my favorite purchases from my time in the States) said it was 71* this morning while it was raining and super foggy. That is pretty chilly for July! Once the fog lifted, though, the temperature started going up. Now, at 12:30 pm, it's not foggy anymore and the thermometer says it's a whopping 74*. The rain has stopped for now, but he sun still isn't shining.

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