Saturday, May 7, 2011

LCH Distribution

 Some friends of MTM sent clothes and gifts for the kids at Laboule Children's Home. I volunteered to distribute the packages. It's a fun job!

 Fabrice asked to have his picture taken with his package. Each child received a large Ziploc full of treasures. There were two new outfits, underwear, socks, some candy, and a pair of shoes for each child. 

 Hyphania was ticked that she got two dresses. She wanted a skirt. Normally the kids are overwhelmingly grateful for new things, but this day Hyphania was a punk. I told her if she didn't want the dresses she could give them back. But she decided to keep them.

Mackendy was excited about his shoes.

What a fashion statement! Dayley (die-lay) felt the need to immediately put on all his new clothes... except the pants. He cracks me up.

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