Thursday, May 12, 2011

Laboule Children's Home

 I went to the children's home with my hair down. As soon as I sat in that chair there were fingers playing in my hair. They know I don't mind as long as they don't pull too hard, so they never ask if my hair is down. I was chatting with Beth and Jocelyn when I heard the word "pomad" whispered behind me. I was instantly alert. "Pomad? No, pomad." I reached up to touch my hair and realized the damage had already been done. In an effort to make my hair lay flat against my head the girls lathered up my hair with their hair grease. Beth laughed at me and said I should try using dish soap to get it out. The girls were upset that I made them put my hair in French braids before I would leave the house. It took three really good washings before I felt like the majority of the "pomad" was washed out.

Esther Grace is the daughter of Jocelyn who works at the children's home. She was born in February at the children's home with the aid of a visiting OB-GYN. Isn't she absolutely adorable?

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  1. Haha, but not really. It sucks to have stuff like that in your hair. My freshman year of HS some girls put hair wax in my hair for dance competition in order for everyone to look the same... I didn't even perform that dance. And winter formal was that night..took forever to get out. I understand your troubles. lol

    Love you!