Sunday, April 3, 2011

Out of My League

So, the Illini Life team that gave the computer lab a makeover included a couple of high school teachers. One teaches physics and the other chemistry. Both had expressed interest in seeing a high school math or science class. When I delivered my graded exams to the principal, I noticed that there were a couple of grades working on math. I quickly gathered the guys and took them to high school. At the end of our tour we found the Rheto (like 12th grade) studying some math on their own. I quickly ushered the guys in the door and told the kids they wanted to see some math. What followed was magical: two teachers engrossed in subjects they know and love, surrounded by students who have calculus and chemistry memorized. Yes, memorized. It's crazy. I was totally out of my league. I prefer grammar, essays, and literature.

Chemistry on the left, one giant calculus problem on the right. Do you see how it takes an entire chalkboard? It wasn't finished yet and ended up using 3/4 of the total chalkboard--which happens to be two ginormous boards side by side.

But it didn't end there! Jay was so impressed, he took Sammy to the computer lab to show him a program on the laptops. I'm glad Jay found someone to explain the program to because when he showed me my eyes glazed over and I went to my happy place.

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