Friday, April 1, 2011

Computer Lab Makeover

Jay shows some of the boys how to use a complicated math program that I will never understand. That particular computer was bought by the Internet Club at Central High School in a city in Illinois. I think Champaign.

Rosias found this old projector during the computer room makeover and decided to be the film crew. He was enthralled with that old projector even though it would only project a very small area, no matter what we did to it. I think he entertained himself for several hours looking at old filmstrips and even drawing on a blank one. He thinks I threw the thing away (it is defective), but I secretly held on to it and will give it to him sometime in the future.

Matt and Matt on the left were the computer gurus who set up the internet and the network. Jay was one of the masterminds behind the entire extreme classroom makeover. And that thing in the middle? That is one very awesome purple laptop cart!

I love this shot! They may not have been raised with computers like a lot of American kids, but they catch on quickly.

Here I am doing something really awesome. I'm sure it was really awesome because 4 teenage boys are watching so closely. I think maybe I was showing them my skill with the program Paint.

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