Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not to be whiner...

But I am beyond frustrated with technology this week.

The public electricity, called EDH, came on for about an hour each night last Thursday and Friday. Generally it's on for anywhere between 6-12 hours, which is sufficient to charge my inverter. The inverter gives me power when the EDH is not on, but since it wasn't charged long enough I ran out of power Friday night and Saturday during the day. There are varying degrees of being out of power. First there's the "Uh-oh, the inverter is low. I'll unplug the fridge." Next I trade lights for candles and unplug anything that's charging (phone or computer). When the inverter is at a critical stage it flashes a red light and makes an annoying buzzing sound. It's not so loud that I can hear it through my bedroom door, but if I'm in the living room/kitchen it's quite annoying.

I've been at the buzzing stage since Sunday afternoon. Apparently my street does not have EDH right now. There is a problem I'm told, but Carneval was this week so no one has been out to fix it yet. My neighbors and I are quite annoyed.

Then there is the case of my cell phone. I use my cell phone everyday, all day. It's my clock in the classroom. It keeps me in contact with the other MTM staff. But my cell phone is also my means of communication with my boyfriend. This weekend my phone decided not to charge anymore. I can plug it in to any electrical plug (at the guest house, where they still have electricity) and nothing happens. It won't recognize that it's plugged into the charger.

Yesterday my phone finally died. It won't charge, so I have no way to contact anyone. Should I fall and break my leg on the way to school, I have no way to call anyone to come and help me. I also can't call or text my boyfriend.


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  1. what kind of phone was it? can we get you a new one and mail it to you?

    Nate Shoemaker