Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Illini Life Team

Last week my computer lab got a makeover by some amazing people from a church called Illini Life in, you guessed it, Illinois. They were a lot of fun but also got a lot accomplished!

Here's the short list of their accomplishments:

  • bought and carried in 14 laptops for the lab
  • built a cabinet for the laptops
  • bought the equipment to set up internet in the lab
  • established an internet connection, which was quite a big job
  • helped with the construction on the hospital
  • helped with some home construction in Gramothe
  • cleaned and organized the entire depot
  • gave my computer room a complete makeover
  • and five of them also helped in the clinic 
For more details, check out their blog!


  1. This is fantastic! What a blessing!

  2. The previous comment was made by Pamm who didn't know she was (and still is) logged=in under Ben's name. :)