Friday, February 25, 2011

Sharing Love & Resources

The Facts:

  1.  Both the Gramothe and Dumay schools are in need of a few items.
  2. A friend of MTM is shipping a trailer to Haiti in the next few weeks.
  3. Many of you have asked if there is anything you can send.
The Conclusion:
  • You can share your love with Haitian school children by sending school supplies to the MTM Terre Haute office to be put on the trailer!
MTM School Wishlist (in order of priority)

All donations can be mailed/shipped to:

Mountain Top Ministries--trailer
PO Box 7053
Terre Haute, IN 47802

1 comment:

  1. Brit, I was seriously just going to message you on FB. My family wants to send you a care package. What do YOU want/need?? In addition to this list? Please, let us know what you'd like. When is the next trailer...etc. Give me some details! :-)