Saturday, February 5, 2011

Familiar Faces

This weekend a medical team arrived at the guest house. They were delayed a couple of days due to the snow in the Midwest, but they finally arrived on Saturday afternoon. I am excited to welcome some familiar faces back to the guest house. It's especially sweet to have Beth Martin and Dr. Marcia on this team because they were both a part of the April 2010 team when I fell in love with Haiti and decided I should move here. I've already enjoyed the little time I've spent with them.

If that wasn't enough, my parents fly in on Thursday morning. They'll only be here a couple of days, but I am SUPER excited to show them my life in Haiti. And, of course, they'll get to meet Arold (ah-wol) while they're here.

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  1. How exciting that your man and your parents are meeting. I hope it goes well!