Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Haiti Q & A: How are you paid for teaching in Haiti? Part 2

Q. How are you paid for teaching in Haiti? or How do you get money?
A. I am a true missionary this year, meaning I am financially supported solely by the generosity of other people. I explained the support raising process previously, so you should read that post if you haven't already. Once someone decides to partner with me as a financial supporter, they send their monetary gift to the Mountain Top Ministries office. When the ladies in the office receive a donation that is designated for my ministry, they put it into my fund. (When they receive gifts for other projects they put those donations into other funds. Deb, who handles all the money, does a fantastic job keeping track of where all the donations are going.) Because the money that is being donated goes to a 501(3) non-profit organization instead of directly into my hands, it is all tax-deductible.

In September I started receiving monthly paychecks from Mountain Top Ministries. The money in the paycheck comes from my fund at MTM, which is the money that my supporters have given. On the first of each month, a direct-deposit paycheck is made to my U.S.bank account. I am able to use my debit card at many stores, and I get cash by writing a check at the local grocery store. For the US expenses that I have, I am able to use my bank's online banking feature. It works out really well.

Any other questions about this topic, let me know. I'll be happy to try to explain it better.

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