Friday, January 21, 2011

Daily Oral Language

My classes have been going very well since school resumed after Christmas vacation. I have really enjoyed my students, and I am happy with the way the students have responded to the curriculum changes I made. One change I made was to the beginning of each class. I decided to implement "Daily Oral Language" at the beginning of each period. For those of you who are not familiar with D.O.L., it's a method of teaching grammar. Basically I write a couple of incorrect sentences on the chalkboard, and then we discuss as a class how to make them "good English." To introduce this activity last week I used the following very simple sentences. See if you can correct them.

  1. My name are Miss Smith.
  2. The boy have a dog.
  3. The boy has a dog small.
  4. Mother my is sleeping.
So far, I'm quite pleased with how well this activity has been working. It's a great way to start discussion in class, and it's easy to modify for different grade levels. I think my only problem is going to be creating new and different sentences each week that will also be meaningful to the lesson for the day.

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