Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm a list person. I make lists for grocery shopping, packing for trips, recording books I've read and want to read, and even keeping track of birthdays. I have lists titled "Places I Want to Visit", "Children's Names I Like", and "Names of Sara and Jeshua's Future Children," on which I keep track of obscure and ridiculous sounding Bible names to share with them.

I find these discarded lists all over my house, at the bottom of my purse, in coat pockets, on random pages in notebooks. Today I found a document on my computer with a fabulous list. I present to you the document saved as "husband qualifications."

Who is the Mr. Britney Smith?

Mandatory qualifications

He must…

Almost mandatory

He should…

It would be nice if

He could…

Be a committed Christian seeking to honor God with his life

Have some sort of post high school education

Get along really well with my brother

Be open to full time missions/ministry

Be on good terms with his immediate family

Not love sports more than he loves me

Love kids and teenagers

Not be shy

Fix things around the house

Have the heart of a servant

Be self-controlled with money

Play an instrument

Be willing to take a stand for what he believes—even to me

Volunteer to do household cleaning or help me with it

Have parents who really like me

Be easy to talk to (at least for me)

Be laid back

Sing well

Make me laugh regularly

Be a mostly organized person

Speak more than one language

Have spiritual gifts that are complimentary to mine

Have lived on his own for at least a year

Pray with me frequently

Be liked by my friends

Not be uptight

Not drink alcohol or smoke

Be intelligent

Not be clingy/dependent on me

Meet Titus 1:6-9 qualifications

Be decisive

Treat all people with dignity

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