Saturday, August 1, 2009

I love hymns

I grew up attending a pretty traditional (in my opinion anyway) Methodist church. Sometimes I miss aspects of the structured service. Mostly I miss the hymns. And the stained glass windows. Tonight as I was searching for something else, I came across this website of traditional Methodist hymns. The tinny piano music is a little annoying, but I spent quite a bit of time singing along with all my favorites. Eventually I found that the instrument can be changed to an organ or even bells. If I could play the piano, I would play hymns. All. Day. Long.

Some of my favorites:
I Need Thee Every Hour... probably the one I sing the most
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee... one of my all time favorites, mostly because of Sister Act 2, and one of the few know all the verses by heart
Amazing Grace... another one I sing a lot, and have all the verses memorized
The Solid Rock (listed as "My Hope is Built") and Nothing But the Blood... get me the most pumped up
All Christmas hymns... are in the running for the most worshipful

Missing from the website, and making me quite sad, were In the Garden and How Great Thou Art.

Do you have a favorite hymn?


  1. I grew up singing hymns too. While I do love much of the new stuff, I do still love singing some of the old hymns too. The church I went to this morning had a good mix between new stuff and hymns :) One of my faves is Great is Thy Faithfulness...can't think of any others at the moment.

  2. I appreciate your love of our traditional hymns--a passion I share myself. It grieves me when churches abandon the hymn book. Use the best of the newer songs, sure. But don't lose the richness of the old.

    You mention going to a hymn site and singing along. Was it the Cyber Hymnal--or have you visited there? My friend Dick Adams has given the words, history, and music (audio) for over 7,700 hymns. Well worth a look and listen. Go to...

    And if I may be forgiven a blatant "commercial," I encourage you to check out my own daily blog, Wordwise Hymns. There I post things that happened in hymn history for each day of the year. God bless.

  3. Robert, thanks for sharing these two great websites!