Monday, August 24, 2009

Family Bonding

At the beginning of the month I joined my parents and grandparents on a trip to see the Cubs my brother in Cincinnati. We all piled in The Bus, known to people outside my family as an Envoy XUV, on a Monday morning and arrived in Cinci around 5 pm. You can tell by the picture it was a very riveting drive. (Yes, I made my grandma sit in the middle, but I did share my pillow with her.)

My parents and grandparents checked into the Cincinnatian, a fancy-smancy hotel in the downtown area. I got to sleep on my brother's couch loveseat+footstool.

Anyway, this quick trip to Cincinnati was supposedly so we could see my brother, but I think we all knew the Chicago Cubbies were the main attraction. We picked the perfect day for a ball game: the weather was amazing, the fans were rooting for the Cubbies, and the game was action packed.

We were all very engrossed in the game. The Cubbies scored three runs in the second inning.

Three generations of Myers women. Or would we be considered Targgart women since my grandma was originally a Targgart?

And of course, Mr. Redlegs
. I wanted to get my picture taken with him, but decided against fighting the 10 year old boys for a spot in line.

Here's the meeting they convened toward the end of the game when a new pitcher was brought in. The Reds also had a similar meeting the inning before this. At one point Dusty Baker came on the field and I thought the Cubs fans behind us were going to go nuts. Apparently they are not Dusty fans even now that he's in Cincinnati.

The fans behind us were not impressed with Soriano. They thought he was over paid and they made sure to tell him, often. They were also annoyed with him during the last inning when he was conversing with the fans behind him. They kept yelling at him to turn around. Then he dropped a ball and they were even angrier. It was hysterical to listen to them.

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