Thursday, July 2, 2009


Several weeks ago a friend came to me with an idea. He had this opportunity I could possibly get on board with. Even though he was excited about it, I was a little unsure. This wasn't the type of opportunity I really pictured myself participating in. I wasn't closed off to the idea, I just wasn't convinced it could work in the long run. As I was considering all the possibilities, there were days I thought it was an amazing opportunity and days I thought I should tell him there's no way it would work. Eventually I came to the decision that I probably liked the idea of joining in an opportunity like this one more than this particular opportunity. Shortly after I came to that conclusion, it became clear that the opportunity had passed me by. It was out of my reach, and I was devestated.

Okay. I wasn't actually devestated, but I did mope around the house for a day morning the lost possibility. It was ridiculous really. Why did I get so upset at losing something I decided I didn't actually want? I'll tell you why. It's the same reason a toddler absolutely has to have a toy she hasn't touched in months when another kid shows interest in it. Pure selfishness. And if it's not cute with a toddler, it certainly ain't pretty with a grown woman!


  1. i am so curious to know what the opportunity was. you will have to fill me in when i get back. i miss you girl and cant wait to catch up!

  2. I can't wait until you are home and I can tell you all about it.