Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today's Holiday: Macaroni Day

July is officially the Anti-Boredom Month. There are many amazing holidays you've probably never heard of coming up. And you won't want to miss today's carb-filled holiday: Macaroni Day!

Always celebrated on July 7th, Macaroni Day is the perfect time to celebrate your favorite pasta. Today's holiday is the perfect excuse to cook an Italian dinner. Unless, of course, your favorite pasta dish is lasagna and you deem the temperature too warm to turn on the oven. Then you may have to settle for spaghetti or a refrigerated pasta salad. Or you could forego eating macaroni today and simply make a craft out of uncooked macaroni. A piece of jewelry or a macaroni picture could be just the project to fight off boredom today!

What's your favorite macaroni?

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